Gentes Dames, Nobles Seigneurs, la Cour des Saveurs presents

Its pastes (venison with blackcurrants, duck with sage, wild boar with hypocras, chicken with hyssop, poultry livers with grapes and spices, wild boar with mead).
Cooked dishes (venison stew with chestnuts, duck with fruit, beef with spices).
Vegetable flans (spinach with goat's cheese, carrots with cow's cheese, chestnuts),
Dessert (coppice).
and its red and white hypocras.
The products are made naturally, without colorants or preservatives, according to medieval recipes (Viandier de Taillevent, Mesnagier de Paris and local abbey recipes). These dishes were created for a medieval cuisine project at the Château de Cherveux.
Discover the surprising flavors of the Middle Ages: the combination of sweet and savory, the blend of spices and aromatic plants...
Organize your banquet, birthday party, wedding, reception... with our products, with or without our assistance.
We'll be delighted to meet you at medieval festivals to let you taste our products.

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La Cour des Saveurs