La Cour des Saveurs  company presentation
"The cuisine of the Middle Ages on your table"

By developing ready-made dishes and terrines made according to 15th century recipes (meat maker from Taillevent, Mesnagier from Paris, etc.) for a tourist project in a 16th century castle, we have discovered the most surprising mixtures of flavors and the most elaborate (the light combination of sweet and savory, the mixture of spices, the mixture of aromatic plants, etc.)
These recipes have been faithfully reproduced after numerous trials in collaboration with artisans renowned for their expertise. The products are made without coloring or preservatives and with organic ingredients for terrines

Now you can compose a medieval meal with starters, cooked dishes and dessert
At that time cold storage did not exist. Meats were often seasoned with vinegar; the arrival of spices from the Orient pleasantly offset the seasoning of many dishes.