hypocras recipes

 hypocras also being considered as a medicinal drink, he could be prepared by the apothecaries, therefore we know the precise proportions of the ingredients in many recipes (unlike other medieval recipes)

- Hypocras Recipe:
Ingredients: - 100 g of honey - 30 g of cinnamon sticks - 60g fresh ginger - 10 cloves - 10 cardamom pods
Preparation: Pour the wine and honey in a bowl. Grind the spices and put them in a cloth that is tied. Put the cloth containing spices in the drink and cover. Let marinate at least 4 hours. Remove the cloth containing spices (filtered before use).

-Hypocras Recipe:
Ingredients: - Take 5 liters of red wine (optional) -1 large ginger tuber - 3 ground cinnamon pots - brown sugar 650g - 30 cloves - 15cl of rose water

-Hypocras Recipe:
Ingredients: - 5 liters of wine - 40 g of cinnamon - 200 g of ginger - 10 cloves - 40 cardamom pods - 650 g sugar
Preparation: Mix honey and wine. (To make the solid liquid honey, move the microwave 1 minute)
Put the grated ginger in wine Make a bag with spices (put spices in a closed tissue)
Let macerate 24 hours the spices Remove spice bag Strain the drink

-Hypocras Recipe:
Ingredients: - 1 liter of red wine is light - 250 grams of sugar or honey - 10 grams of cinnamon stick
- 10 grams of whole ginger - 4 cloves - 5 cardamom seeds - 2 tablespoons rose water
Preparation: Grind mortar / pestle spices. Place in a small linen bag. Warm the wine and add sugar to it (or honey) and rose water. Add spice bag in the wine and let stand overnight. The next filter the wine after removing the bag of spices the bottle and consume few days later.

-Hypocras Recipe:
Ingredients: - 2 liters of red wine - 60 g sugar - honey - 20 g of fresh ginger - 10 small cinnamon sticks - 10 cardamom seeds - 5 cloves - 1 pinch ground mace, 20 seeds of grains of paradise, 20 coriander seeds.
Preparation: Mix in 2 liters of red wine 60 g sugar and honey according to taste.
In a scholarship in fine linen, put ginger, cinnamon sticks, cardamom, cloves, mace, grains of paradise and coriander seeds, all previously spent mortar. Infuse three hours, remove the purse and taste very fresh!

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